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Good Behavior & Life Skills

Whether you want the best start for your new puppy or a solution for your dog’s bad habits, we can help! Using science based force-free dog training we can assist with house breaking, chewing, leash pulling, excessive barking, anti-social behaviors and more! Learn more about our behavior training.

Canine Physical Fitness

Many of us only have time to exercise our dogs on weekends, but this “weekend warrior” syndrome can be potentially detrimental to our dogs’ health. But did you know that in as little as 10 minutes a day you can give your dog longer lasting mobility and lessen their likelihood of injury? Find out more.

Group Classes

Do you want to add excitement to your dog’s routine? Our creative classes will give you fast and effective ways to burn off energy. Your dog will also learn valuable life skills like how to settle while the other dogs work. We keep class sizes to 6 dogs so everyone can receive individual attention. See upcoming classes.

See what our fans are saying!

I am so glad I found Jo. She helped me understand my dog’s issues with other dogs and his attachment issues with me. Jo taught me that I shouldn’t set up my dog to fail and to take small steps. Best advice ever! My dog has come a long way. He isn’t scared of dogs, he loves his crate, he is more confident around strangers and most of the time lets people pet him. I highly recommend Jo! She made me a more confident dog owner and assured me that I was on the right track.Megan & Parker

Jo is a patient, effective trainer. She shows a heartfelt sympathy for dogs. No nonsense though, and they pay attention! She coached us to be patient and keep working to get what we want in our doggie/person relationship. Jo also explained how to interpret much about dog behavior, which was very helpful. Highly recommended.Jean & Lucy

Jo conducts her lessons in an urban setting – in and around your neighbourhood. We really appreciated this approach since a classroom doesn’t necessarily mimic the challenges and distractions of a city – noises, garbage, pigeons… Jo has a background in the equestrian world, which I really related to; it takes a special breed of people (and a lot of patience) to work with animals. Jo has so many tips, tricks and resources for everything from training to nutrition that saved our sanity with our little tornado.Sarah & Jack

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