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Customer Testimonials:

I am so glad I found Jo. She helped me understand my dog’s issues with other dogs and his attachment issues with me. Jo taught me that I shouldn’t set up my dog to fail and to take small steps. Best advice ever! My dog has come a long way. He isn’t scared of dogs, he loves his crate, he is more confident around strangers and most of the time lets people pet him. I highly recommend Jo! She made me a more confident dog owner and assured me that I was on the right track.Megan & Parker

Jo was incredible! She worked one-on-one with me and my dogs, both in my house and outside, and helped me figure out some of the causes for my puppies’ behaviour issues. She is caring and knowledgeable, and fun to work with. I know I’ve learned a lot from her, and would recommend her to any dog owner out there!Danielle, Max & Chewy

Jo conducts her lessons in an urban setting – in and around your neighbourhood. We really appreciated this approach since a classroom doesn’t necessarily mimic the challenges and distractions of a city – noises, garbage, pigeons… Jo has a background in the equestrian world, which I really related to; it takes a special breed of people (and a lot of patience) to work with animals. Jo has so many tips, tricks and resources for everything from training to nutrition that saved our sanity with our little tornado.Sarah & Jack

Jo is the most amazing dog trainer I’ve come across. Her love of animals and genuine compassion, knowledge and love for them is extremely real! Jo is informative and direct in her approach to dog training and she customizes her training to what the dog and dog owners needs are. She is very encouraging and always works very hard to help in meeting goals and striving for advancement in each session. I have also learned how human interaction and behavior directly influence how my dog reacts to me. Jo has really helped me understand myself and my dog better. I would recommend her highly to anyone needing basic to advanced level dog training.Mina & Marley

I have a four year old whippet that I rescued with behavioural problems. He cannot tolerate any other dog and will nip at them if given the chance. Jordana analysed the problem straight away. We only had three sessions but in that time I found a remarkable difference in his behaviour, he was calmer. I was amazed at such a difference in such a short time, and if it hadn’t been for Jordana I would still be stumbling in the dark with Snoopy.Geoff & Snoopy

Jo is a patient, effective trainer. She shows a heartfelt sympathy for dogs. No nonsense though, and they pay attention! She coached us to be patient and keep working to get what we want in our doggie/person relationship. Jo also explained how to interpret much about dog behavior, which was very helpful. Highly recommended.Jean & Lucy